Are you looking to make a switch from glass to metal?

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Are you looking to make a switch from glass to metal?

There are many news articles detailing the current energy crisis, people are currently wondering how they will survive. Businesses are apprehensive about being able to stay open. Let’s try and make one thing easier for you and take a look at the difference between glass and metal packaging.


Glass and metal properties

Glass and metal are brilliant packaging options but who knew how similar they are?

The two materials even have similar properties:

  • High melting points
  • High density
  • Mouldable

With these great properties in mind, a lot of consumers buy glass or metal packaging when they are making candles due to the high melting points.

Even though the two have similar properties, metal is a lot lighter and more durable than glass which makes it a lot cheaper to transport, saving on fuel costs and delivery charges which is particularly important for eCommerce businesses in the current climate. Glass is also known to be very difficult to ship since it’s highly fragile, leaving it a risk of breaking and leading to lots of wastage and a reduction in profit margins. Metal, on the other hand, is durable and can withstand even the clumsiest delivery driver.


Energy prices and bills!

In this current market, with rising inflation and the cost of living crisis, companies need to be savvy to ensure that as consumers tighten their belts, they are still able to offer a product at a competitive price. Making the switch from glass to metal can save companies money to ensure they continue to be competitive, with savings made on lower packaging prices to cheaper shipping.

Not only can metals save money, but they also form part of a circular economy, this is especially important when looking at global sustainability and net zero commitments. Did you know that recycling metal uses 90% less energy than recycling glass and that metal has a significantly higher recycling rate? This means the low carbon footprint makes metal the better eco-friendly choice too.

Whether you’re looking to save money, improve your profit margin, or offer your customer a more competitive alternative, making the switch from glass to metal packaging doesn’t have to be hard. Talk to our team about your current glass packaging and we can create the perfect alternative. Perhaps a refresh will be just what your brand needs to keep it fresh and appealing.

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