Coronavirus (Covid-19) Business as Usual – Tinware Direct

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Business as Usual – Tinware Direct

Business as Usual

This update has been superseded. Please click here for the latest information

Our continuation plans ensure that we can continue to take orders and deliver products to customers regardless of the extent of the outbreak. This will ensure your business can get hold of the packaging supplies you need from us throughout this unprecedented situation.

We have put in place numerous sophisticated systems which allow our employees to work remotely and still have access to their normal phones, email and other systems which enable them to process orders and help our customers. Most of our team are working remotely already except for the warehouse. Within our warehouse, we have been able to put in place numerous social distancing measures to protect employees whilst still ensuring we can meet customer needs.

Will order times be affected?

Currently our despatch times are unaffected, and we aim to ensure all orders are fulfilled by our team within one working day as normal. In the event of a major outbreak in the UK these despatch times may increase slightly by 1-2 days depending on demand.

For shipping we use DPD who as part of government contingency planning can continue operating throughout Europe as normal during the outbreak. Even in countries currently in lock down such as France, Italy, Germany and Spain, DPD are still delivering as normal with some minor delays of 24 hours for additional border checks.

Given that customers may experience minor delays of 1-2 days in the event of a major outbreak, we are advising all stock customers to place their orders early.

If you are working on a bespoke packaging project, you may be affected by slightly longer lead times in manufacture, however, this is expected to improve over the next couple of weeks and return to normal.

Are stock levels affected?

No, currently we do not have any stock issues outside of our normal operating parameters. Due to our extensive contingency planning, it is unlikely that stock levels will be affected during this period. In fact, we have several new products in development and due to launch over the coming months. Keep up to date with our latest news for more information about these exciting new developments.

Are you still dispatching overseas?

Yes, all governments are keen to keep supply chains moving as much as possible.

I would like to meet with a member of your team to discuss a project.

For the past two weeks, all customers meetings have been conducted remotely via screensharing links. If you would like to meet with a member of our team to discuss your project, we will be happy to facilitate this with you using our video conferencing and screensharing software. You can do this either by phone or on a PC. We can also share images of tins to give you inspiration!

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