Father's Day Gift For Dads With Beards

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Fathers Day gifts for dads with beards

Father’s Day is June 17, 2018. If you’re like me, you usually struggle to think of good Father’s Day gift ideas. So, what do you get for the dad who has everything? If your dad has a beard, why not show him how much he’s appreciated by treating him to a clean, pampered beard. A grooming set is a sure fire hit if your dad has a beard or moustache. But you may be surprised to hear that these sets are also a great present for clean shaven fathers.

Such is the necklace to the wife and the video game to the child; beard grooming products are an easy, obvious and perfect choice to the dad with the beard. He’ll use it, he’ll appreciate it and you can feel confident you got him the perfect gift. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best beard-related gifts for today’s father.

What Type of Beard Are You Shopping For?

This is the most important question which, when not asked and answered, can leave your father with beard products lying around collecting dust. How short does he cut it? Is the style always changing, requiring the possession of more versatile products? Is he the type to use beard oil? These are all things to take into account while shopping. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at grooming kit that covers all bases.

The Audacious Beard and Moustache Survival kit

The kit contains:
• Folding scissors – for trimming off stragglers - and threatening ( small )wild beasties- trimmings can be used as tinder for establishing fires, but only in dire emergencies obviously – never sacrifice the beard!
• Shampoo bar (40g) – to wash out the wilderness and keep those whiskers soft and smelling fresh – don’t want to attract the bears with beard detritus…
• Moustache wax (15ml) - for waterproofing and maintaining a good twist
• The Wood Chopper Beard Oil (10ml)- feed that beard -keeps it looking healthy and nourished and hydrated – fends off the dreaded beard itch that lurks in the wilds and dire straits
• Comb - for keeping that moustache dapper whatever
• Mirror – (design may vary) for signalling -whilst checking out how great you look!
• Hinged metal tin – to contain and protect all your precious beardy tools – or to use as a cook pot or water container when the going gets really dire – but hey, you look great!

While each and every beard requires different types of maintenance, the beard survival kit should prove to be rather versatile and should do a great job of keeping your father’s beard fresh to at least some degree or another. While other, equally great gifts can be had, it’s hard to find a bearded man who can’t appreciate any of these ideas.

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