Why Metal Is Here to Stay

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Why Metal Is Here to Stay

Metal when compared to other packaging materials, is by far the most sustainable. Steels properties ensure it can be reused over and again without any loss in quality. It not only offers fantastic protection for products, it satisfies many needs to preserve food products, ensuring long shelf life in retail stores.

So, why exactly are aluminium and tinplate such popular packaging choices? It’s in the main, down to its flexibility, allowing it to be cut into various shapes, making it another viable choice for style, as well as longevity. In this era of creative packaging, products must capture attention and stand out on the shelf, which is why steel is such a fantastic packaging option as it ticks so many boxes.

In the main, listed below are the fundamental reasons why steel is such a viable option to use for packaging:

  • Steel for packaging is the most recycled packaging material in Europe and has reached 79.5%

  • Steel has unique magnetic properties which make it easy to recover and recycle

  • Steel is the packaging material which best protects and preserves its contents

  • Steel’s unique strength, formability and durability

  • Steel is a tried and tested packaging solution that delivers unrivalled preservation and protection

  • Steel packaging features portion-sized packaging, long shelf-life and ambient storage

  • Steel’s exceptional performance capabilities make it the perfect solution for food and non-food

  • Steel is a cost-effective and reliable material throughout the supply chain

  • Continuous innovation has made steel lighter and more formable than ever before

The global metal packaging market is growing year on year. According to Technavio, the market will grow by £16.5 billion during 2018 – 2022 due to its versatile solution throughout retail, commercial, wholesale and industry sectors. The demand for metal packaging has increased considerably in the food and beverage sector due to its ability to prevent contamination and pathogens. In addition, the extended shelf life associated with metal packaged products has fuelled the growth of the metal packaging market.

With more emphasis placed on sustainable packaging, it's important for companies to take this transition to green thinking seriously. Regardless of how the product is made or what it contains, eco-friendly packaging sets the tone for a brand that people can trust for taking the initiative on helping protect the planet. In that sense, not only does eco-friendly packaging help build loyalty, it provides a competitive edge. It can help sway consumer purchasing decisions when price and quality are equal with competitors.

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